About Me

A quick intro …

I’m an independent software developer with over 12 years of industry experience in the design and development of .NET applications.

In this over a decade-long career, have worked with multiple solutions cutting across Web, Mobile, Desktop, APIs, Windows Services, SQL Server to name a few.

I always love to explore new things, especially those that are set to disrupt the status quo.

In fact, it all started during the penultimate year of my college life exploring .NET 2.0 in detail and it paved the way to start my developer journey with that nice little foundation.

Then in 2014, when Xamarin.Forms was released as a cross-platform UI for mobile development using C#, explored it from the early releases, and adapted to it. A nice abstraction on top of the native layer of iOS and Android.

And now in 2021, .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI – An evolution of Xamarin.Forms), is getting ready to change the way applications are being developed by targeting iOS, Android, macOS, Windows with a single codebase. Now in developer preview and is slated to release for production use by end of this year (November). Exciting, isn’t it?

In this blog, will share my experiences as I continue to explore those preview releases, the same way I did for Xamarin.Forms.

Join with me as we continue to learn and share on this exciting journey of being a software developer.

I will share all the sample code on my GitHub workspace and it can be accessed from and my Twitter handle is @egvijayanand.


By Vijay Anand E G

A software professional with over a decade long industry experience in developing products that spans across desktop, mobile, and web.