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Developer experiences with Windows 11

If you work on Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms or .NET MAUI, then think before you upgrade to Windows 11 on that machine. The reason being Android Emulator fails to start and seems many of them have already reported this issue via Windows Feedback and on other channels. I’m yet to find a solution to this issue. I updated to Windows 11 21H2 OS build 22000.100. And it’s currently running OS build 22000.194 (same as RTM version). The only possibility, for now, is to make use of a physical device. Thanks to Wi-Fi debugging.

Have reported the Android Emulator failing to start issue in Windows 11. You people can upvote it, in Feedback Hub, using this link so that it gets the attention of the Windows engineering team.

As far as the update is concerned, it is quite smooth and it took around 3 hours (of which close to 2 hours is background activity of download and install preparation and then an hour of actual installation with multiple restarts).

The feature I love the most is the Snap layout, easy to manage window layouts (though missing the two-window horizontal snap layout). And the second thing is battery life, way better than Windows 10 21H1. And seems Windows Terminal is becoming the de-facto CLI as it’s integrated into the Win+X menu and other places.

Have noticed a slightly improved startup time for apps like Visual Studio 2022 and Office products.

The thing I miss the most is, right-click context menu on the Taskbar, I use it a lot to open Task Manager. No such menu in this build. Not sure whether such a menu will make its way in any of the future build.

Update: Now, access to Task Manager is available from the Win+X menu itself (right-click context menu of the Start button). Direct shortcut – Win + X + T

Will share my experiences as I continue to work on this build and any issue that affects the developer productivity in the upcoming days.


By Vijay Anand E G

A software professional with over a decade long industry experience in developing products that spans across desktop, mobile, and web.