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Happy Birthday, .NET!!!

Yesterday, 14 Feb, .NET celebrated its birthday completing 20 years in the industry. A fantastic product to work with and an amazing community to engage with. Available to run on various form factors ranging from most-used ones (such as desktop, mobile, tablet, wearable) to IoT, HoloLens, Dual-screen devices.

Rightly tagged as Free. Cross-platform. Open-source. A developer platform for building all your apps.

On this joyful moment, I would like to wish all the members of this amazing community a memorable journey with .NET that takes you to even greater heights. Feeling happy and proud to be one among them.

And a special announcement from the product team, .NET 7 Preview 1 is planned for release this Thu, Feb 17.

Happy coding. Stay connected as we continue to learn and share the experiences from this exciting journey of being a .NET developer.

Happy Birthday, .NET!!! #dotNETLovesMe


By Vijay Anand E G

A software professional with over a decade long industry experience in developing products that spans across desktop, mobile, and web.