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.NET MAUI hits GA – Stable Release – VS Install issue – Missing Xamarin.Forms templates

Minor issue in VS2022 installation during GA release version update. Quick fix to resolve the same.

Much to the user’s delight, Microsoft released the stable version of .NET MAUI (General Availablity) a day before the start of its annual developer conference event, MSBuild.

The templates are out of the preview band with version # 6.0.312 and the package is now available to install from the NuGet.

dotnet new --install Microsoft.Maui.Templates::6.0.312

Along with this, Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1.1 is also released and is a minor update over the RC3 supported release of ver. 17.3 Preview 1.0 to support the GA release. As we all know, the tooling has not yet reached stability, so Visual Studio support for .NET MAUI will be still in the Preview channel for a few more weeks till the v17.3 stable update.

The important issue that I faced after updating to this version of the Preview is that the Xamarin SDKs automatically opted out during installation. Was working with an Xamarin Forms application just hours before this update and after the newly rolled out update when the same solution is opened again, the iOS project unloaded and reported targets files missing.

Since I made some directory changes and that seemed to be fine, so wanted to validate whether a new Xamarin.Forms project can be created to identify where exactly the issue is. To my surprise, no project template loaded for Xamarin.Forms in which I worked just hours before.

So launched the VS Installer again to verify the components installed, there found that the Xamarin SDKs was unchecked and left out of installation.

Xamarin SDKs were left out during .NET MAUI GA release supported update
Steps to reinstall Xamarin SDKs in Visual Studio Installer

If you face this issue during this update, open the VS installer again, click on the Modify button to open the window that lists the installed Components (same screen as shown above), select the Workloads tab at the top and then on the Right side tree, and Expand the .NET Multi-platform App UI node and Optional section at the bottom, check Xamarin SDKs again and reinstall it.

Once done, it’s back to routine. Templates are available again and the iOS project is getting loaded without any issues.

Before closing out, it’s party time to celebrate the GA release of .NET MAUI ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ Kudos to the .NET MAUI team and the entire community for shaping up this release. Looking forward to the new things in the store that are going to be presented at this year’s MSBuild event that starts this Tue, May 24, through Thu, May 26 – 3 long days covering sessions on various topics.

Happy coding. Stay connected as we continue to learn and share the experiences from this exciting journey of being a .NET developer.


By Vijay Anand E G

A software professional with over a decade long industry experience in developing products that spans across desktop, mobile, and web.